cropped-i758.jpgFollowing the muse is like chasing a dragonfly. It darts here and there, disappearing altogether only to reappear intertwined with an iridescent friend. The spark of inspiration does not alight often, or evenly. Creatives learn to be open, to be proactive, to follow it, chase it, hunt it down, as need be. Because artsy types are spark-junkies.

I used to micromanage my creations until I realized that unknown territory is where the real magic is. Now, I go to the misty shadowlands and wait for the muse to catch up with me. Journeys to new places feed my craft mojo which spark my stories that inspire my dances which get my feets itching to travel on again. Follow along as I chase inspiration, seek new vistas, uncover new (to me) epics. I’ll share the inspired works-in-progress, try new patterns and methods and test new products for fiber crafting. There will boo-boos and misfires, I am sure of it. And if all else fails (or when we are very lucky), I’ll share awesome cocktail recipes.


Jen Touring the West Highlands, Scotland
Jen in the West Highlands, Scotland

Hello! I’m Jen, a performer/playwright/ photographer/ traveler/crafter/hyphenate-addict.

If you dig my crafts, you might dig my Etsy stores: BohoQuest and Blithe Star Baby.

Thanks for dropping in!


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