Shibori is my new favorite

Officially ga-ga for shibori.

Shibori dyed Tea Towel in pumpkin orange

I have been Shibori-ing up a storm – not just because it’s my new favorite crafty technique, but because I couldn’t keep the products in my Etsy store! (Ahem, #humblebrag.)

Purple + Lavender Shibori dyed Tea Towel set

I’m not complaining, though.

After an experimental phase (documented in part in this post) through the spring and summer, I learned some really cool folding patterns that dyed up beautifully. Unfortunately, the finished results wouldn’t work for what I had planned. You see, I had been looking for ways to make my own unique cotton fabric for the cotton pouches I sell at BohoQuest, but the shibori patterns were too big. They wouldn’t translate into the small drawstring bags.

Then I had the brainstorm that the large geometric patterns might work on something else. Something that could hold – nay, that required a bigger pattern. Something home decor-y.

Tea Towels?

Et voila:

Pink Shibori dyed Tea Towel
Shibori Hexagram pattern
Octagon Shibori pattern on a Tea Towel

And that dovetails nicely with the running theme of my blog – that unexpected results can lead to unexpected victories! Sometimes you just have to let go of your plan and embrace the journey your craft has for you.

Indigo blue shibori dyed Tea Towel set

Until next time,
keep it crafty!

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