As much as I blog about my boo-boos and experiments and works-in-progress, I actually complete some crafts sometimes!

In fact, I have three Etsy Stores for all of my different crafts.

Yes, three.

I started with BohoQuest in 2011, then came Blithe Star Baby, and just last month (June 2017), I finally opened ScarletDarter.

Over at ScarletDarter I sell bright accessories and home decor items made by hand. From ice-dyed silks, cotton and muslin, I incorporate fabrics born of the techniques and inspirations I blog about (here and here for example.)

Raspberry scarf, silk, ice-dyed by, available on Etsy
Raspberry scarf, silk, ice-dyed; available at ScarletDarter

At Blithe Star Baby, I sell super cute tie-dyed and block-stamped baby clothes.

Pink Star Onesie from Blithe Star Baby

I love this onesie so much. I think I’ll be sad when it sells.

At BohoQuest, I sell little bags and mats for Tarot & oracle cards. Some of the items feature my hand-dyed techniques or block stamping too. Some just feature pretty store bought fabric, like the example below. (And if you are into the Tarot, check out my Tarot blog at Bohemian Path Tarot.)

Golden Rainbow Batik Tarot Bag, available at BohoQuest

Pssst – Use the code “ScarletDarter15” at any store for 15% off your purchase!


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